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ELF University Network

ELF has a growing clinical legal education network of university members.

We are able to offer a range of activities for students at member universities via our Young ELF programme which provides support for those on the journey from school and into professional practice. The programme aims to familiarise students and professionals with the impact of environmental law issues on the health and wellbeing of local communities, and how these can be addressed. Drawing on ELF’s almost 30 years of practical experience, it provides a range of proven opportunities for participants. Stephen Tromans QC is Young ELF Patron.

Activities are grouped into five main areas:

  • Legal Clinics – providing advice on ELF cases under the supervision of qualified lawyers.
  • Policy Clinics – an opportunity for more in-depth empirical research on issues raised by ELF’s community enquiries.
  • Outreach – assisting with ELF’s public legal education work via Streetlaw presentations or involvement in ELF outreach events and webinars.
  • Training – on how the law and lawyers can help address environmental issues affecting communities.
  • Networking – includes contributing to ELF’s blog and newsletter; linking with others involved in ELF’s work; and invitations to ELF events.

Universities we’re working with

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ELF is especially proud of the educational clinic network that we have established at various academic institutions over the past three years. This growing network presents a bridge between environmental legal academia and the legal profession.

Through the ELF clinic work, law students are also exposed to public interest community work and the crucial role that pro-bono lawyers play in facilitating access to environmental justice, especially at a time of limited funding options for such cases.

The growing popularity of ELF clinics amongst universities stands testament to our belief that this network represents the best of collaboration between UK universities, students and the legal profession.

150+ lawyers

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16 university

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300+ cases

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£1M+ worth

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