Thames Blue-Green Partnership To Challenge

Thamesbank Blue-Green Partnership is the environmental charity promoting an alternative to the £4bn Thames Tideway tunnel – an alternative which, it argues, is more sustainable, less disruptive and cheaper. The tunnel was given a Development Consent Order in September 2014, which Thamesbank is to challenge via judicial review, proceedings having been issued in good time (thanks especially to the had work of Thamesbank’s Emily Shirley).

Via ELF, Andrew Parkinson at Landmark has now agreed to assist the group at a permission hearing, date to be confirmed. If it can be shown that the inadequacy of the consultation in relation to Article 6.4 and 8 of the Public Participation, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Directive and the lack of consideration of alternatives have not been properly adhered to, the years of hard work by the Thamesbank team on this matter, may prove to be a tremendous David and Goliath story this year.