Pollutants From Intensive Chicken Farming: Locals Vs. $145bn Cargill Ltd

The Colwall Action Group is made up of residents living in the AONB of the Malvern Hills in Herefordshire, concerned by a planning application for a local farmer to build industrial chicken rearing units with a projected turnover of 200,000 chickens every 35 days. The giant $145 billion pa US agro-business Cargill owns a large broiler chicken abattoir and processing plant nearby and is supporting farmers who apply for the requisite permissions.

As so often, a central concern here is apparent lack of transparency, and following of due process, especially Environmental Impact Assessments. Nearby local residents did not receive planning application notices and were concerned that they had not been given adequate opportunities to participate in environmental decision making.

The plant is projected to produce 84 tonnes of chicken dung per month, releasing ammonia into the atmosphere which can have damaging impacts on locally sensitive nature sites, and can be catastrophic for mosses and lichens. The site is at the headwaters of Cradley Brook which feeds the River Teme, a very sensitive river ecologically (SSSI) and there are several SSSIs within 2 km.

The matter was referred to Matt Gilks of Dutton Gregory for some advice, with whom the group has now spoken.

“We have had a long discussion with Matt which has already proved very useful…Thank you for the introduction.”