Playground Authority

ELF was contacted by residents in Monmouth, Wales who want to propose the relocation of a local playground on Chippenham Mead (a registered village green) in Monmouth.

Residents, represented by the ‘Friends of Chippenham Mead’, want the playground moved to a more suitable area of Chippenham Mead, away from a dual carriageway. The difficulty they have come up against is who has the authority to give consent to the relocation? Is it the Welsh Government or is it Monmouthshire County Council? Chippenham Mead is a village green, governed by a scheme of regulations. The residents would like this relocation to take place as soon as possible and have concerns that if the decision is referred to the Welsh Government, delays will ensue.

ELF has referred this matter to Birmingham University. A barrister has been appointed from No 5 Chambers to work with the students.