Mankley Field Action Group

Update 2016 – Inspector’s report found no or less use upon the site. Much to our surprise, the inspector was not convinced of sufficient use.

Update – Judicial Review win! The Mankley Field Action Group decided on JR against the decision to not let them amend their Town and Village Green (TVG) application (which was submitted prior to ELF’s involvement).

Justice Collins found that there was no reason why the group should not be allowed to amend their application and on this basis Gloucester County Council, the objectors and others, including the developer Gladman, have agreed to a consent order and the TVG Public Inquiry started on the 7th December 2015.

Our ELF advisors Cain Ormondroyd at Francis Taylor Building and Adrienne Copithorne from Richard Buxton Solicitors undertook the work on a conditional fee basis – even under such an arrangement, the risk of losing and having to pay the costs of the winning side is so daunting that few community groups are prepared to take the risk.

We wish them best of luck and thank both Cain and Adrienne for their invaluable help and guidance in what was a very difficult decision for the group.

Cain Ormondroyd at Francis Taylor Building is providing vital assistance to the Mankley Field Action Group, which faces a Public Inquiry at the start of this year and is contemplating the possible need for an amended application under s. 15 (3) of the Commons Act 2006, having originally made it under s.15 (2). This is just the sort of technical issue that is faced by communities when deciding to make a TVG application and which looks almost designed to deter them from doing so.

Photos courtesy of Save Mankley Field.