Lincolnshire Waste & Minerals Policy On Fracking

ELF was contacted by a Parish Councillor of Heighington, Lincoln. They were seeking urgent assistance on the public consultation that was taking place for the Lincolnshire Waste & Minerals draft policy, and in particular the policy on hydrocarbons (i.e. fracking). A means of delivering local policy for the next 10 years on how the county deals with its waste and minerals extraction, the draft is a very important document. Alarmed by the apparent blanket acceptance of its wording in relation to hydrocarbons – indicating an assumption in favour of development – local people sought ELF’s help in investigating the legality and soundness of the proposed policy.

With in-house guidance and a last minute but crucial intervention (at midnight) from Richard Turney at Landmark who had written a previous paper on the National Planning Policy Framework and Fracking, ELF was able to deliver guidance which, our local contact proclaimed, identified “some fundamental issues”.