Jacks Green

A resident of Jacks Green, East Northamptonshire, contacted us regarding the local planning officer’s decision that an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) would not be necessary for an application for a site for 55 caravans plus associated infrastructure (including a 2km road) in ancient woodland. There have been sightings of rare invertebrates in the proposed development site, including the nationally rare Purple Emperor Butterfly. Development was opposed by the Woodland Trust and the local Wildlife Trust, the latter acting for the local authority under a service agreement for ecological advice.

The local Wildlife Trust was deeply concerned by the inadequacies of the ecological surveys undertaken by the developer. Despite these concerns and advice from ELF, that the planning department were under a duty to review their decision should new evidence come to light, the planning officer held firm with his negative screening decision. ELF was able to give in-house support before placing the matter for assistance with Lisa Foster at Richard Buxton solicitors.

Photo GP Planning Ltd via peterboroughtoday.co.uk