Essex Turbine Wildlife Survey Concern

ELF was approached by a local person living in a small hamlet called Steeple Gidding in rural Essex, concerned at local planning department’s decision not to require a local zoo to carry out a wildlife survey on the latest of a series of wind turbine applications. A previous planning application for two turbines was given consent without the requirement for a wildlife survey despite there being a nearby Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) particularly noted for its rare bat species.

As bats are known to have a wide foraging range and to be impacted by wind turbines, it was a surprising decision. When an application was received last year for an extension to the wind turbine development, by adding two further turbines, the ELF enquiry did expect that a wildlife survey would be required. ELF was able to place this matter with Matt Gilks of Dutton Gregory for some advice.