Paralegal joins ELF’s team

By Elf

We welcomed our first ever paralegal, Julia Eriksen, on a three-month contract in June. This is has been a really good experience for ELF and we hope it has been for Julia too. It has given us the confidence to know how well this can work for ELF, especially building capacity at our busiest time. Julia will be moving on to be a paralegal at Leigh Day in mid-September and we wish her the very best and thank her for her time with us.

Julia has said about her time at ELF:-

“Two months ago, I joined ELF as their first ever paralegal and in my first ever paralegal position.

I love the vast variety of enquiries, on topics from statutory nuisance, habitats assessments through to investigations of international crimes against humanity. The range of queries always throws up a new challenge to get into and to try find a solution for, and it is so rewarding to be able to work on enquiries from initial query through to drafting instructions to counsel or pre-action letter. Of particular interest, has been the ongoing project of creating a neighbourhood plan model policy with parish councils that would ensure good design standards as a means of lowering emissions. I think this project encapsulates the community focus and significant wider impact of ELF’s work.

The opportunity to support and engage with communities and individuals at the front line of planning and environmental decisions that pose threats to their quality of life, protected areas and species and in some cases global threats relating to climate change, is invaluable and incredibly inspiring. I am grateful to have been so supported by Emma in this position in which I have and continue to learn so much.”

We will shortly be recruiting for another paralegal role starting in September/October. If you are interested please email