ELF Podcast in partnership with Law Pod UK – reintroductions of species

By Elf

ELF is planning two podcasts – another first for us in September. Working with Rosalind English of 1COR, Law Pod UK and ELF Trustee Carol Day, we have put together an exciting programme looking at reintroductions of species. Over 2 podcasts we will hear from some of the key witnesses to some of the most exciting successes of species reintroductions in the UK, over the past decades. We will also look at some of the legal problems encountered.

No 1. Right species, right place – It’s 30 years since the first Red Kite reintroduction in the Chilterns. Dr Mark Avery from Wild Justice and Dr Ruth Tingay of RSPB will be interviewed about how well projects for the Red Kite and the White-Tailed Sea Eagle are working. Dr Nikki Grammans, Project Officer for the reintroduction of the Short Tailed Bumble Bee, at the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust, will talk about her long term experience and success of the reintroduction.

No 2. Right species, wrong place – ELF’s Pine Martens v Bats case, as reported in our community news. Stephen Davison, ELF’s local community representative and bat expert focusing on the ecological impacts and Kimberly Ziya, ELF’s barrister, on the legal twists of this matter. Right species, wrong legal status – Beavers. James of the Beaver Trust will speak about the ecology of beavers and about why the Beaver should be recognised as a European Protected Species in England and Wales and what difference that could make.

Look out for further details in September and thanks to Carol and Rosalind for bringing this all together.