DONGAS SKETCHBOOK: The Struggle for Twyford Down

By clairefowler

This excellent book, ‘DONGAS SKETCHBOOK: The Struggle for Twyford Down’, is by art-activist Jai Redman. Jai was arrested and sent to court for his involvement in this protest, along with his peaceful activities during the Newbury Bypass protests in the mid-90s. Funded by the Future’s Venture Foundation Radical Arts Fund, the book is a limited edition print-run. Any proceeds of its sale will come to ELF.

As the information about the book highlights, while the Twyford Down protests weren’t able to prevent the building of the road, they did have a profound political impact. Working with communities for nearly 30 years, ELF is very aware that the “success” of a campaign needs to be viewed broadly.

There is more information and you can purchase the book at the weblink here.