Community action on water pollution

By Elf

ELF is assisting grassroots communities to take action through legal guidance and investigating public and private nuisance grounds to stop water pollution. There are also communities taking water quality monitoring into their own hands due to the infrequency with which the Environment Agency carries out their monitoring.

ELF has been working with Mike Owens of Hayling Sewage Watch and is now considering how ELF can assist them as well as other groups. Mike commented that Hayling Sewage Watch is in the process of spawning a much larger data-driven partnership “with the intention of funding and executing a much wider testing program in our harbours”. He stated that “the intention is to measure all aspects of what comes out of Southern Water outfalls like plastics, microplastics, chemicals, heavy metals and other biomarkers” including how these discharges are affecting mud as well as the water. It is anticipated that such data gathered by community groups like Hayling Sewage Watch will put not just water companies like Southern Water under the microscope but the Environment Agency as well.