ELF’s Members Event and launch of the ELF Review

By clairefowler

On the 26th September ELF held a members event at Grosvenor. It was an occasion to say thank you to our ELF members, the communities we assist and the legal professionals who help them, barristers, solicitors, scientists, our wonderful Trustees and gracious Funders for their support. ELF took the opportunity to launch our Review of ELF’s last 26 years, a reflection on the past and a thought to the challenges of the future. Please check out ELF’s review here.

We would like to say a big thank you to all those who came along, from far and wide to be with the ELF team. It was a lovely party, community public members who have had support from ELF mixing with the environmental professionals who give their time so generously to ELF. Thank you to our speakers, David Hart QC, our trustee chair, Martin Polden and Diana Schumacher, ELF’s founders, who spoke so interestingly on ELF’s beginnings, Carol Day (ELF Trustee), hero to many with a call to face the formidable challenges together, and Prof Richard McCrory who ended the evening with his thoughts on the Office of Environmental Protection. Lastly, to our President HRH Prince Charles for sending along some kind and encouraging words, having agreed to be our president for another 3 years.

What I took from the event was a thirst amongst our ELF friends and members, other NGO’s, to be working together, pooling resources, to be doing more stuff together, to ramp up our approach to safeguarding the nature we work to protect, threatened as never before. ELF uniquely in that mix can bring the community voice, the stories of the grassroots struggles of local people to protect their environment. We want to work with our partners and friends to deliver more protection.

ELF would also like to say thanks to Chris Taite and Andrea McClain of Grosvenor for organising for ELF to use such a lovely room for free.