ELF intervenes

By Elf

The Environmental Law Foundation (ELF) has been given permission, alongside the Good Law Project and other campaign organisations, to intervene in a Court of Appeal case to protect the rights of people to bring claims against water companies that dump sewage into rivers and seas. The case concerns discharges from combined sewage outfalls into the Manchester ship canal. There is increasing evidence that such discharges are happening frequently into watercourses around the UK and not just in exceptional circumstances. The intervenors are seeking to protect the rights of communities to challenge water companies for such action.

Emma Montlake, ELF’s joint executive director said: “ELF works with and assists communities across the country plagued by the environmental and health consequences associated with sewage pollution into British water systems. We are delighted that the Court of Appeal has agreed that ELF’s evidence and that of others in the consortium will be able to assist the Court of Appeal to understand the context and wider ramifications of unchecked sewage pollution.”

There is more on the story in The Guardian here and from the Good Law Project here.